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Affordably Design Final Arrangements for Funeral and Cremation in Oregon City, OR

Oregon City OR Funeral Home And Cremations

You are making plans for deathcare-related services such as a funeral and cremation in Oregon City, OR. In that case, you have several options for taking care of your departed and honoring their memory. The range of service options and packages ensures that there will be reasonable solutions to meet your needs affordably. In addition, personalizing any honoring events  and other services can help you feel good about how your loved one is cared for and laid to rest.

Funeral Service Events and Solutions

Funeral services have substantial room for variation in location and setting. The funeral itself usually refers to the honoring ceremony where the life of the individual who has passed is remembered. It may be marked with a life sketch, eulogies, or words of comfort may be shared. The services may include additional related events if a complete funerary package is ordered. One of these is a visitation or viewing event. Usually held before the funeral, this service creates an opportunity for friends, family, and supporters to pay their final respects to the deceased and offer condolences to close relations.

The body will need to be embalmed if viewing is offered at this event. Embalming is a procedure that removes the fluids from the deceased remains and replaces these fluids with a chemical solution which includes formaldehyde. The effect of the chemicals serves to temporarily preserve the remains by slowing down the process of decomposition. Embalming is not required by the law but may be necessary if you plan to have a public viewing of the remains.

Honoring the Deceased with Memorial Services

If having a ceremony to commemorate your loved one's life cannot be offered with the body of the deceased present, a memorial service is a wonderful alternate solution to a funeral. In addition, since memorials are not centered around the casketed remains, there can be more scheduling flexibility. In other respects, a memorial service can be very similar to a funeral event, where memories can be shared, and the departed's life is honored and remembered.

Body Disposition Via Cremation

In terms of lessening the last ecological footprint, cremation offers a compelling alternative to casket burial. The deceased's body will be respectfully prepared for cremation services with washing, dressing, etc., as desired by the family. Then, the sweltering heat needed for the process is directed into the cremation chamber, which holds the corpse for the procedure. Almost immediately, all the contents in the retort ignite and burn to vapor leaving only portions of the skeletal body behind. These bones are then ground into smaller pieces collectively known as "ashes."

Cremation typically costs less than casket burial since there are fewer services needed. For example, you wouldn't have to buy a casket and vault for the body or a burial plot. Also, with no opening and closing fees for the grave, those costs are eliminated. With limited land available for earthen burial, finding other ways to lay your loved one can feel important, especially in highly populated locations and cities.   

Selecting Merchandise for the Funeral and Cremation in Oregon City, OR

Choosing funerary products to support the enclosure of the final remains is something you may need to do with both funeral and cremation in Oregon City, OR. If cremation has been performed, the remains are frequently stored in an urn of some kind. Urns are designed for temporary or long-term use. If scattering the remains is planned, a temporary container should serve your needs fine. Urns for burial or display come in differing shapes, colors, and styles. When selecting a customized urn for your loved one, you can get creative.

A casket or funeral shroud will need to be selected if burial is to occur. Caskets can also be personalized and come in various colors, sizes, and configurations. This allows you to find something that seems fitting for your budget and tastes. In addition to the casket, vaults or grave liners may be required by your cemetery or memorial park. This enclosure can help prevent substantial settling of the grave after interment.

Many funeral homes offer options for keepsake jewelry or other mementos that can help you remember and feel close to your departed. Cremation jewelry is created with a secured compartment to hold a tiny pinch of ashen remains inside. Thumbprint jewelry set on a ring, pendant, or another accessory can be ordered as a part of the final arrangements process.

Partner with Caring and Experienced Professionals

If you require professional support with final arrangements related to services like funeral and cremation in Oregon City, OR, please reach out to the caring experts at Holman Hankins Bowker & Waud. We offer direct and full-service funeral and cremation services, making whatever you need available with one provider. Having licensed professionals and their staff ready to assist you as you walk through one of the most challenging times life asks of us will significantly support you and your grieving family. 

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

What does a funeral director do

  • A funeral director is responsible for the coordination and supervision of a funeral service. This includes working with the family to plan the service, making arrangements with the cemetery or crematorium, and ensuring that all legal requirements are met.

Can we personalize the funeral service?

  • Yes, funerals can be personalized to reflect the life of the person who has passed away. Family and friends can participate in the service by sharing memories, playing music, or giving readings. Learn more about personalization services.

How do I choose a funeral home?

  • First, consider the location. You’ll want to be sure that the funeral home is convenient for all of your loved ones who will be attending the service. Second, take a look at the funeral home’s website and see what kinds of services they offer. Finally, read online reviews to get an idea of what other people have thought about their experience with the funeral home.

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