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Select Just Right Services for Funeral and Cremation in Milwaukie, OR

Saying goodbye to a close relation who has passed away is undoubtedly one of the hardest things you might face. As you make final arrangements like a funeral and cremation in Milwaukie, OR for this loved one, you will want to find services that match your needs and vision for laying them to rest. It can be empowering to realize that many reasonable solutions are available; there is not only one correct way to handle this. Finding just the right services to care for and honor your loved one will be vital for future healing.

Milwaukie OR Funeral Home And Cremations

Traditional and Modern Funeral Events

Funeral services can be flexible in size and number of events. This means it's possible to customize the service to the needs of the mourners who will be attending. Traditional full services often include a visitation event before the funeral. If desired, the body can be embalmed for a temporary preservation measure to make public viewing of the remains possible. A visitation can be offered with a closed casket as well. The family will receive sympathies and comfort from supporting friends and acquaintances who come to pay their final respects at this time.

Vehicle processions may accompany the funeral hearse to the burial site after funeral services are completed. Alternatively, the entirety of the funeral service could be held at the cemetery as a simplified option. Other locations for funeral service include the funeral home, a church, an event center, a private residence, or even an outdoor setting. Understanding the purpose of different service options may help you decide what will best support your family and respectfully pay a final tribute to your loved one's memory.

Honoring the Deceased Without the Body Present

Unlike funerary services that occur with the deceased's body as a prominent part of the occasion, the memorial service does not happen with the casketed remains present. If cremated remains are available, they could be displayed or scattered as part of a memorial service. Memorials may occur soon after the death date or much later if needed. Some families find this option to have the remains cared for immediately, with an honoring service held later to be helpful for planning and scheduling purposes.

Cremation Services for Flexible Disposition Options

Perhaps the most versatile form of body disposition is cremation. The process uses an enclosed chamber and intense heat to burn all the soft tissues of the corpse thoroughly. Within about 2 hours, the only visible remnants will be the most rigid tissues of the bone matter. These bone fragments are processed further into tiny slivers and pieces known commonly as 'ashes.'

Cremation can take place before or during a memorial service. It could be handled after a complete funerary package as well. Combining the services for funeral and cremation in Milwaukie, OR, makes it possible to have the benefits of closure that a funeral provides while offering an alternative to casket burial. A cremation procedure cannot be reversed once complete, so all paperwork and permits must be in place before it can begin.

Mementos, Keepsakes, and Other Needs for Funeral and Cremation in Milwaukie, OR

As part of the planning process, you may need to select relevant merchandise to hold your departed loved one's remains. An urn is used to encase cremated remains. There are temporary urns that can hold the ashes until a scattering ceremony can be arranged. Some urn containers are designed to stand the test of time with options to support burial or display needs. The lidded vase-like shape is traditional, but urns can take many forms, including decorative tabletop statues, secure boxes, or other custom designs.

Like funeral urns, caskets are meant to hold deceased remains. However, a casket has the body instead of ashen remains. The box securely latches and can be lined with sleek or plush textiles. There are many sizes, fabrication choices, and stylizing elements. Burial vaults may be required if you are burying a casket. This vault is made of dense material such as concrete. It encloses the casket in the ground and can support the grave from extensive settling.

Other items that can be ordered as part of the final arrangements include souvenirs and keepsakes, such as jewelry, to help you feel close to and remember your loved one. Thumbprint impressions can be beautiful on a pendant or other accessory. Some jewelry has a secure compartment designed to hold a small amount of cremated remains. Ornaments, paperweights, or other tokens can be ordered and make a meaningful gift to surviving family members.

Work With Our Highly Rated Professional Team

Selecting a professional funeral firm to assist you with services such as a funeral and cremation in Milwaukie, OR, will significantly support you. Choose a firm with experience and a trusted reputation like Holman Hankins Bowker & Waud. Your funeral director and staff will do all possible to lift your burden and help you create an affordable, authentic, honoring service and disposition for your loved one.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

Who is eligible for veterans’ funeral benefits?

  • Veterans who served on active duty and were discharged under conditions other than dishonorable are eligible for benefits. Their spouses and dependent children are also eligible. Learn more about veterans services.

What can I expect at a life celebration service?

  • Life celebration services are often quite different from traditional funerals or memorial services. They are usually more relaxed, personal, and unique. Often, they will include music, poetry, stories, and other elements that reflect the personality of the deceased.

Are there any other gifts that are appropriate for a funeral?

  • In addition to flowers, you may also want to consider giving a charitable donation in honor of the deceased. You can also give a keepsake item such as a photo album or piece of jewelry. Consult with the family of the deceased to see what they would prefer or visit a Sympathy Store to assist you.

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