Dignified and Customizable Options for Funeral and Cremation in Canby, OR

The loss of a loved one is fraught with an onslaught of heavy emotion. Part of the goodbye process usually involves honoring your deceased's memory with some service and caring for the disposition of their remains. Making plans for services connected to options like a funeral and cremation in Canby, OR, can help bring a sense of closure and assist you and others mourning this loss in finding a way forward. There are many ways to customize these types of services. Here are a few formats you might consider.

Canby OR Funeral Home And Cremations

Funeral with Traditional Burial

A funeral service is scheduled as soon as the arrangements can be worked out and the closest relations can gather. Since funerals are held with the deceased's body as a prominent part of the service, this is usually soon after the death date. Traditional funeral services often connect a series of events that work together for a final tribute, farewell, and disposition. A visitation event may precede the funeral service. The body can be prepared for viewing with embalming if desired. After the funeral, the party can accompany the body to the cemetery for burial. Services can be simplified to only offer a brief ceremony at the graveside.

Memorial Services

Unlike the funeral service, a memorial does not have the corpse present for the services. This can simplify deathcare and allow the body to be cared for and laid to rest more immediately. Direct burial or cremation is instrumental in cases like these since planning an honoring service is unnecessary. However, a memorial service could be held many weeks or months later when you feel more ready to complete that project. Many families also choose to offer a memorial service soon after the death—it just depends on the style and timing of the body's disposition needs.

Cremation Service With or Without Service Options

Caring for the body via cremation is respectful and secure. If desired, the deceased is cleaned and dressed in a cremation procedure and placed in a cremation chamber. Then, the sweltering heat ignites the body until the flames have consumed the remains. The only elements visible after cremation are some portions of the bone matter. These pieces are collected and processed into tiny grains and particles known as ashes.

Cremation services can be purchased as a direct service, without a public honoring ceremony or event attached. Cremation could also take place before a memorial service. Combining services for a funeral and cremation in Canby, OR, is also a possible solution when the funerary events are held first.

Merchandise and Keepsakes for Funeral and Cremation in Canby, OR

A casket is a container used to house the body for burial. Caskets can be selected from various styles in size, color, and specifications. Some coffins are designed to be more biodegradable than others. Urns are used to hold the ashen grains left after a cremation procedure is completed. These containers might take a variety of forms, some that may not "look" like an urn at all. Urns are designed for above or below-ground burial or could be created with display in mind.

By keeping a small lock of your loved one's hair, nail clippings, or cremated remains after death, you can always have a small piece of your loved one nearby. Cremation jewelry or other personal accessories are a great way to encase these small mementos and wear them on your person if desired. These are also highly customizable. Fingerprint impressions could also be collected before final disposition and used to make personalized memorabilia for you and other close relations to wear or display.

Supporting the Bereaved with Aftercare

The purposes of final arrangements serve two primary goals. The first, time-sensitive purpose is to care respectfully for the deceased remains in a health-conscious way. The other vitally important need is to help those facing the loss find closure and healing experiences as they say goodbye to their departed loved ones now and in the days and weeks to come.

Aftercare refers to this secondary purpose. We live in a world where technology adds to our available resource bank for these needs. Consider opting into daily emails with uplifting messages and education about how to navigate your experiences with grief. In addition, the deathcare professionals you hire to assist with final arrangements can connect you with other valuable resources, referrals, and information.

Experience the Compassionate Support of Qualified Professional Deathcare

Selecting a well-respected and qualified funeral home can make a difference in how you and your family experience laying a loved one to rest with a funeral and cremation in Canby, OR. Let our directors and staff at Holman Hankins Bowker & Waud lift your burden through this difficult time. With compassion and experience, we are prepared to walk this path next to you.

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